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Sif Travel is a travel agency based in the town of Akranes on the west coast of Iceland. Obviously our island is rather small, so we do operate all around Iceland.


Sif Travel is a family business, owned by the same people who own and operate Thor Photography, a widely known photography instructor and tour operator.

At Sif Travel, our aim is to organize high quality tours in and around beautiful Iceland for groups and individuals, offering good personal service which is often needed when preparing for an unforgetful trip to Iceland.

Our speciality is taking care of planning photography workshops in Iceland with world-renowned professional photographers.

Sif Travel is a fully licensed travel agent and has a permit from the Icelandic Tourist Board to operate as such.

Björg Bjarnadóttir
Owner / Founder

Björg Bjarnadóttir is a native Icelander, born in Reykjavik but raised in the rural West-fjords. When not working for Sif Travel or doing some traveling of her own, Björg works as a librarian and teaches Icelandic literature and sagas at her local high school.

Thorarinn Jonsson

Thorarinn Jonsson, or Thor for short, is a native Icelander who has been running photography workshops in Iceland, Norway and the Faroes since 2014. One of Thors unique skills is to be able to tell the weather better than the weather forecast does.

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